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Thank you so much for your online check-in operation: it will speed up the access to your accomodations.

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House Rules



Check-in: after 14:00 Check-out: until 12:00

You cannot check-in to the dorms between Resting Hours (23:00 - 08:00). You can arrange for a late check-out with the Front Desk upon arrival or at least 24 hours in advance, subject to availability. Failing to check-out on time will result to a penalty fee, as described below. Additional fees apply as follows:

Early check-in: From 08:00 - Free of charge upon availability

Late check-out: Until 14:00 - 5€

Valid identification is a requirement at check-in. We accept a Passport or Photo ID. Management may request additional information as required from guests. People under 18 must be able to show written permissions to travel with accompanying adult from parent(s) or guardian. We do not accept unattended minors under 18 years of age.

Your allocated lock & key to your locker will be handed to you upon check-in at the Front Desk. A 10€ penalty applies for losing or failing to return your lock & key check-out, so please make sure you keep it safe!


We accept VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. We also accept cash - euros only. Full payment is required prior to check-in. Extra charges may apply depending on the form of payment.

House of Nissus is not liable to any refund in cases of guests not complying with the Hostel Rules, as described here. No refunds will be issued in cases of opting for an earlier check-out date during your stay. If you want to cancel or transfer a confirmed booking to a later date, a voucher for the paid amount will be issued in your name, valid for 12 months upon availability. You have to clearly state the use of a voucher when booking and present it to the Front Desk upon check-in. Booking alterations are only eligible for a voucher with a minimum of 24 hours’ notification and after confirmation by the management prior to the arrival date booked.


Guests are accountable for their visitors’ behaviour and compliance to the Hostel Rules. Your visitors are requested to show a Passport or Photo ID at the Front Desk upon their arrival, as well as the real time of their departure. Unaccompanied visitors are not allowed at any time. No visitors or friends are allowed in the House of Nissus premises during Resting Hours. If a visitor wishes to stay overnight, normal rates will apply subject to availability. We operate a strict “One Person Per Bed" policy. Overnight visitors will be charged a full bed rate for dorm guests, or for the rate difference for private room guests. During the day, registered visitors have no access to the dorm areas and are allowed only in the Common Areas.

RESTING HOURS 23:00 - 08:00

Have fun, party hard and sleep easy! Please respect other guests by keeping down all kinds of noise (TV, loud talking, phone use, music, electronic media, etc.) during resting hours, especially in dorms, common areas and roof terrace.


In compliance with the Cypriot law and for the comfort and safety of our guests, a “Non-Smoking” policy is applied in all indoor areas. Non-compliance to this rule will result to a penalty fee to each offending guest to cover professional cleaning of the area, according to current corresponding Cyprus Law.


A First Aid kit is available at the Front Desk. For any medical emergencies and health issues, we can provide information about on duty pharmacies and medical centres in the neighbouring area or arrange a Doctor on call, if necessary. Sexual activities of any kind are strictly prohibited in the dorms, roof terrace and all common areas, including bathrooms.

For your own safety, take care on the balconies, do not lean over open windows or use unnecessary force against the railings. The staircase and common areas are under live feed video surveillance for your own protection and safety.


Food and drinks are prohibited from all dorm areas, with the exception of bottled water. Please do not take any glassware or facilities from the kitchen into the dorm rooms. Any food or drink consumed in common areas must be adequately cleaned up by yourself.


As much as we love them ourselves, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate or allow pets on the Hostel grounds, in consideration of the hostel pets. Please contact us if you plan to travel with your pet so that we can provide you all helpful information about pet services in the neighbouring area.
You have probably met the hostel pets by now – they are very friendly and will not cause you any harm. However, please treat them with respect and refrain from feeding them any of your food.


The use of WiFi internet service is provided free of charge to all of our guests throughout the hostel. Please ask for the password at the Front Desk. Using a shared Internet access requires a “fair use” of bandwidth and download amount. Non-observance of this agreement leads to a “traffic embargo” or a complete block for the user. All Internet content access is made entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for ensuring that any accessed material does not infringe the international laws governing, but not exhaustively covering, copyright, trademarks, pornography, or any other illegal, offensive or defamatory material.


We reserve the right to deny entrance to any guest or visitor who, in the opinion of our staff or management, compromises the comfort, safety or security of other House of Nissus guests or staff, regardless of any refund claim outcome. We reserve the right to enter the rooms in urgent cases in order to enforce householder’s rights and to take necessary action. We are also entitled to take suitable action to restore order in the event that the behaviour of any guest is unacceptable or if hostel rules are violated. We are entitled to immediately ban a guest from the premises and take all necessary action, including terminating accommodation and notifying the State authorities, in the event that the guest in question is cautioned repeatedly or in response to severe violations, regardless of any refund claim outcome.


House of Nissus does not assume liabilities for the loss, theft or damage to your luggage and personal belongings while on our premises. Please use the lockers provided to each guest in the dorms or feel free to hand your valuables over to our front desk staff for safekeeping. Firearms, drugs or any kind of controlled substances use or storage is strictly forbidden by the Cypriot law. We are also required to inform the State authorities of violations of this law and act upon immediate termination of residency. Guests may be asked to dispose of materials and substances considered to be hazardous, irritating or threatening to other guests from the Hostel grounds.


All guests are required to treat the hostel furniture with due care and in particular to prevent any serious dirt or damage. Please do not remove furniture or any inventory items (e.g. linen, chairs) from dorms and rooms. Report any damages, malfunction and/or any other issues to the Front Desk as soon as you notice. Guests found responsible for damaging or soiling the property or inventory will be liable to provide immediate compensation.


Under no circumstances are guests or visitors allowed to enter the dorms or private rooms that they are not staying in. Guests who are not in the private room or female dorm have no reason to access the upstairs areas of the house. Beds are only to be used by the guest who is allocated to it. We operate a strict “One Person Per Bed" policy. Any visitor or guest that trespasses into other dorms, or attempts to sleep in other beds will be asked to leave the hostel immediately without refund.




Dorms are cleaned daily between 11:00 - 14:00. Housekeepers will knock on your door to alert you before entering. Please ask the Front Desk in cases of emergency cleaning arrangements outside the cleaning hours, if applicable.

• Linen & Towel

Bed linen must be used at all times. You are not allowed to sleep on a bare mattress or mattress protector. Feel free to use your sleeping bag or bring your own linen.

The Linen & Towel Kit contains: 1 Pillowcase / 2 Bed Sheets / 1 Bath Towel

You will find your bed ready-made on check-in. A new Linen Kit can be provided to you free of charge every 5th day of your stay. A 2€ charge will be applied for pillows, pillowcases or bed sheets soiled with food, beverages or other permanent stains reported by our Housekeeping Department. Need more comfort? Ask for an extra pillow for 1€ only at our Front Desk!

Towels are for drying your body and not meant to be used as a bathmat or cleaning rag. A 5€ charge per Towel will be applied to your credit card, if you fail to return or just forgot and took them with you after check-out. Do not use bath towels for the beach, ask for a beach towel for 3€ only at our Front Desk.


Make sure you don’t disturb your room-mates during Resting Hours. Keep quiet, use your phone as a torch instead of switching the lights on. Make sure your Dorm room is closed when entering or leaving. You are required to state if you are suffering from an infectious, contagious or communicable disease upon check-in or at any time during your stay. As we have to ensure all guests’ hygiene & sanitation, relocating suffering guests to a private room is mandatory if available. Keep your personal locker key, given to you upon check-in, safe at all times. Don’t leave it on your locker and make sure to hand it over, upon check-out. Losing, failing to return or damaging your locker key will result to a 10€ penalty charge for its replacement.



Rooms are cleaned daily between 11:00 - 14:00. Occupied rooms are cleaned every 3 days during cleaning hours. Please hang the “Do not disturb” sign on the outside door handle during cleaning hours if you wish to keep your privacy or if you don’t feel that your sheets need to be changed.


Help us protect our environment by saving water and energy. Please make sure to turn off taps in the bathroom and switch off all appliances when leaving your room. Need some more comfort? Ask for extra pillows for only 1€ per piece at our Front Desk! Make sure to report any mishaps or damages in your room - a 2€ charge will be applied for pillows, pillowcases or bed sheets soiled with food, beverages or other permanent stains reported by our Housekeeping.


Living with other people brings with it a responsibility to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Respect other guests’ privacy and behave with consideration towards their habits and beliefs - no form of discrimination, harassment or bullying will be tolerated. Help us make House of Nissus an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Avoid littering in all Common Areas. You are expected to collect your garbage, wash used dishes, mugs and kitchen utensils and store them away when dry. You are also expected to clean the kitchen’s counters and appliances used for the preparation of your meals after you are done, including the fridge. Make sure you have switched used appliances off when leaving the Common Areas.

You are responsible for removing any food or drinks that are no longer edible, or past their use-by date. You must ensure that all food is covered and appropriately sealed. Please label all food with your name and keep it within your allocated storage space, or an appropriate spot in the fridge. Any food that is not labelled or is left on the kitchen bench will be marked as free.

Please keep all your personal belongings safe in your room or in your dorm locker. Any items found unattended on the Common Areas will be disposed of or given to charity.